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Tableau users list

InfoClutch’s Tableau users list is an authentic and comprehensive mailing list that is verified and collated from sources like trade shows, trade fairs, B2B exhibitions, directories, etc. We believe no opportunity should be missed and hence we design data that can help you meet needs of the marketing program and in turn boost sales and ROI.

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Sage CRM Users List

Our Sage CRM users list helps you in connecting with the customer through direct mail, email, and telemarketing campaign. It helps in streamlining your marketing process and strategize the campaign for better business communication. Our team ensures that the data appended into the database is accurate so that you can plan your marketing campaign accordingly.

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Technology Sales Leads

In recent years, there have been huge advancements in technology and with the new ones replacing the old ones; Companies need to stay ahead in the competition by integrating the latest technologies in the organization’s process. By using the technology sales leads from InfoClutch, you can reach the potential technology markets of USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Spain, and others.

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10 Trending Email Practices You Must Know

Email standards are changing, and so are the markting strategies. Here are 10 trending email practices to elecit maximum response from email marketing.



Email standards in B2B industry

Open Rate : 12- 16%

Click Through Rate 2.7-6%

Unsubscribes 0.15- 0.5%

215.3 billion Email sent every day and expected to cross 257.7 billion by 2020.


Source: http://www.infoclutch.com/infographic/10-trending-email-practices-to-know

Planning Your Content As Per Google Search Engine

Every time whenever Google comes up with new algorithm updates, it forces marketers to revamp their marketing strategy. Most of the new updates push the top keyword to the bottom of the search engine results making all your efforts futile.

It shows that you have to optimize the website content as per the fast- changing updates and be one step ahead in your strategy for matching up with Google.

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Marketing Automation Software Users List

Marketing automation is the focus of all modern business functions; it enables complete consolidation of independent entities into a unified structure. InfoClutch is a leading provider of Marketing Automation Software users list which represents a class of automation software such as HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, and more.

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SAP ERP Users Email List | InfoClutch

Our SAP ERP users email list is comprised of the data from the major countries and continents across the world like UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore and many more. So, connect with these customers and expand your business to the unexplored markets and countries.

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Electronic Health Record Users list

With hundreds of cloud resources acting as support for data tracking and retrieval, Electronic Health Record users list is another stepping stone for marketers to penetrate the community of users who are dependent on Electronic Health Records. We track users of various electronic health record products such as Epic EMR, IBM InfoSphere Patient Hub, McKesson Patient Folder, ADP AdvancedMD, and more.

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ERP users email list | Infoclutch

 The ERP users email list from InfoClutch is a well-managed database that puts your marketing campaign on the right track and creates the much-needed brand awareness about your service among potential customers. 

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Success Story Of Microsoft -Infographic

The American multinational technology giant Microsoft and it's umpteen products are used by over 1.9 Billion people across the world in over 192 countries. Its adopted by Big Fortune 500 companies making great strides in their success. Explore its history, achievements and milestones in an interactive timeline.


Source: http://www.infoclutch.com/infographic/microsoft-company-history-timeline

IBM DB2 Users List

The IBM DB2 users list from InfoClutch makes the prospecting process a refined and systematic one with the collection of the right mailing list. It simplifies your effort and assists you in achieving a good ROI and the desired sales.Explore the benefits of our IBM DB2 users email list by integrating the solution in your marketing campaign and reaping the rich harvest of revenue, sales, and ROI.

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Amazon Web Services Users Email List

The Amazon Web Services Users Email List is a multichannel-ready marketing asset that lets marketers send targeted cross-channel emails for educating and bringing prospects to terms of purchase.  For more info: email us at: sales@infoclutch.com 

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Siebel CRM Users Email List

Oracle’s Siebel CRM users email list from InfoClutch is one-of-a-kind lead generation prospect data because it represents over 4,200 companies that use Oracle Siebel CRM for delivery of top end customer experience across multiple touchpoint and devices. Over the past few years, we were successful in growing the Siebel CRM users list, giving technology marketers the leverage to approach prospects of their choice. For more info: email us at: sales@infoclutch.com 

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Data Enrichment | Infoclutch

Enrich your existing data into the new one, no matter what CRM platform you have been using. We add demographics, email address, telephone numbers or any missing fields for the company or the organization that you are looking for. Data Enrichment helps you to drive leads and generate actionable insights for your sales and marketing success.For more info: email us at: sales@infoclutch.com

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Samsung Company History

Samsung comprises of numerous affiliated businesses with shareholders holding a large proportion of shares. This prestigious company is the global leader and an award-winning innovator producing smarter gadgets every day.Have a captivating experience through our infographic, and quickly grasp essential insights & data about Samsung company history.

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Data Appending Services

At InfoClutch, we ensure to offer high-quality Data Appending Services while providing end-to-end database solutions. This program not just improves your marketing performance but also gives the greater sense of visibility to your brand and the campaign.For more info: email us at: sales@infoclutch.com 

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